Andi Gladwin photo

Meet Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin has dedicated his life to magic. He has performed all over the world at prestigious events such as in Washington, DC for President Obama’s Inauguration, the world's most expensive private yacht, and more.

“The best magic creates a story,” Andi says, “My aim is for everyone to walk away with a new experience that they will talk about for the rest of their lives.” Those stories have been told by guests at thousands of events over the past decade.

Andi has given keynote speeches at hundreds of conferences and has been featured on shows such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us (where he fooled them!), ITV's Next Great Magician, and is a season regular on CW Channel's Masters of Illusion.

His books, such as The Boy Who Cried Magic have become industry best sellers, and his card magic techniques such as The Master Pushoff and Undo Cut have been adopted by many of the world's finest card magic experts.